APOA Negotiations/New buisness

On 8/13/21, members of the APOA negotiations team met with the city for our first labor negotiations meeting. The meeting lasted a few hours. The APOA presented ground rules for these negotiations. Ground rules are a set of simple guidelines both sides adhere to during the negotiations process to ensure a fair process for both sides.

Following the presentation of the ground rules, the APOA presented 13 proposals. These proposals are in-line with what was talked about the general meeting on 5/19/21. The next scheduled negotiations meeting is on August 20th. We do not expect any of the proposals to be accepted as the next scheduled council meeting is on 8/24/21. There are two scheduled meetings after the council meeting, 8/27/21 and 9/22/21. We expect some movement and answers at the 8/27/21 negotiations meeting. 

New business. I spoke to Mary Knox yesterday. For those who do not know Mary, she is a Deputy DA for Contra Costa County and has been for over two decades. Mary has always been a fair DDA. Mary has a great filing history on gang violence, homicides and she is a strong advocate for victims. The APOA will be discussing to endorse Mary (formality). When the APOA decides to endorse Mary, the new donation laws have already taken affect on donation limits. The POA is limited to just a $5,000 donation, however this does not stop individuals from donating any dollar amount to her campaign. Mary told me yesterday there has been individual donations from members of Antioch PD already. I'm going to add the link here in this email to her website for donations. Please donate anything you can to her campaign, DA Becton has donors lined up with deep pockets. Please click on then link below. 

 Mary Knox 4 DA


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